Stylish dog mama alert! Yanina Trapachka for berty.

Stylish dog mama alert! Yanina Trapachka for berty.

Hey PET PARENTS! Meet Yanina - founder & creative director of 2increatives. If you want to feel inspired check her Instagram account right away! Read the full story with one of the most stylish dog mama!


berty: We are fans of your aesthetics and admire new projects implemented by your company. Tell us where do you get inspiration, both private and needed for work?

Yanina: I look for inspiration in travels, fashion, design, art as well as in everyday life and the people around me. One day I can be inspired by the color of autumn leaves on a tree during a walk around my beloved Saska Kępa, another fashion show at a fashion week or an abstract painting at an exhibition in an art gallery.


berty: 2increatives office is a beautiful space! Do you often come to the office with the dogs?

Yanina: Thank you very much. The place where I work is no less important to me than the place where I live. I love to surround myself with beautiful objects, and I enjoy being surrounded by dogs even more. My office is dog-friendly, that's why our dogs often greet there. They give a lot of joy, ease and can relax you incredibly :).


berty: How has your daily routine changed since you are a dog mom?

Yanina: My routine has changed for the better, we spend more time outside, go for walks, visit new places. Our dog loves to travel, so we always take him with us when we have the opportunity :) I love my morning rituals, which have remained the same, so usually my fiance goes for a morning walk and I take the one in the afternoon. However, what I enjoy the most is our evening walks, when we spend time together, this is a moment just for us that I really appreciate.


berty: Where did the idea for the Boston Terrier breed come from?

Yanina:  Long story short, one of my best friends has a Boston Terrier, she often left him with us during her trips and I habe to admit - I fell in love with this breed. Everyone who has a Boston Terrier, knows exactly what I'm talking about! The choice was pretty simple :).


berty: Do you have your favorite walking route in Warsaw?

Yanina:  We have several, one passes through Saska Kępa, we usually take a coffee to go and go for a walk along the narrow streets and admire the modernist architecture. The second one is Powiśle in Warsaw - the Marshal Edward Rydz-Śmigły park. I love this area, because my first apartment in Warsaw was in this district for which I have a great sentiment.

Thank you!

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