PET PARENTS by berty: Gaweł Czajka & Bronek & Bolek

PET PARENTS by berty: Gaweł Czajka & Bronek & Bolek

Welcome back pet parents! Do you know the most famous restaurant in Sopot called Cały Gaweł? Here is its founder, Gaweł Czajka! If you haven't followed his Instagram account yet, be sure to change it. You will find there a lot of culinary inspiration, beautiful interiors, travel recommendations and most importantly ... Bronek and Bolek, French bulldogs Gaweł’s everyday life companions.


berty: Gaweł, tell us something about your dogs!

Gaweł: Bronek and Bolek are brothers from the same father. The first is nearly 8 years old, the second is about to be 5 years old. Boys are my family, friends, everyday life companions. They are complete opposites. Black Bronek is a small tank, a devilishly intelligent individualist who always goes his own ways. Boluś is a sweetheart, always "contact with the base", "caress me, hug me, rub me" and "let me sleep closest to my face so that I can hear my father's breathing".


berty: Are the guys as gourmet as you are? 

Gaweł: Probably due to a lot of my duties and convenience ... from the beginning I have been serving them with a good composition. I do not shy away from offering them something tasty, sometimes suitable for dogs. Bronek will eat everything in the blink of an eye, Bolek will slowly enjoy it under the watchful eye of his older brother.


berty: Morning walk, evening lazing or maybe cooking together? How do you like to spend your time?

Gaweł: Honestly? Personally, my warmest memories are coming home from work. I am usually heavily influenced by a million cases, talks and actions. Their greatest happiness is their joy at my return, hugs and SILENCE. We lie without any sounds and we have each other.


berty: What do you love about French Bulldogs? Why did you decide on this breed?

Gaweł: I chose the 8-year-old Bronek, ahead of the fashion for this breed, because he was disgustingly beautiful, just like that. A black croaking and farting little beast with a good heart. They are the perfect family dogs, gentle and loving.


berty: Do you think having a dog affects our character? Do you see any changes at home since you are taking care of Bronek and Bolek?

Gaweł: Since I was a child, I have been brought up with a dog that has always been in the family. I treat them very naturally like a family, a close being. I have been supporting the shelter for years, so I will probably find more children there. Nothing and no one moves flax like animals, which are largely dependent on humans, can be defenseless and so unpretentious.

Thank you! 

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