PET PARENTS by berty: Karolina Erdmann & Hyzio

PET PARENTS by berty: Karolina Erdmann & Hyzio

Hey PET PARENTS! Meet Karolina Erdmann, the founder of the most fashionable yoga studio in Warsaw - YOGA BEAT STUDIO. Karolina is an extremely inspiring successful woman who spreads her energy, optimism and passion for sport with everyone. She is also the mother of the lovely Chihuahua - Hyzia. We wish you a pleasant reading!


berty: We follow your Instagram and we have the impression that you and Hyzio are inseparable! Hyzio accompanies you during the holidays, you take him to the studio @yoga_beat_studio, you train together! Is there anything you are not doing together? :)

Karolina: We spend a lot of time together and experience many adventures together, thanks to the fact that Hyzio is so tiny :) There is no problem to take him with you on a trip, but also to a restaurant, for a massage, for various meetings ... Of course, there, where dogs are not allowed - I do not take him, but fortunately there are not many such places and we can spend most of the day together :).


berty: You lead an extremely active lifestyle and you have a dog - is this a remedy for a pandemic? How does this connection affect your life?  

Karolina: I adopted Hyzio at the very beginning of the pandemic, so it's hard for me to say as if I would have felt her without him. For sure, he taught me what unconditional love and sacrifice is ... For example, during the lockdown, there were many days when I wouldn't have to leave the house, and thanks to Hyzi - we would go for walks together a few times a day :) This allowed me to keep internal energy at the right level.


berty: Has your approach to exercise changed since you had your four-legged friend?

Karolina: There has always been movement in my life :) It is no more that the appearance of Hyzio mobilized me to be active. I still spend a lot of time on the mat and Hyzio accompanies me. However, there was also a lot of time spent outside in the form of walks and communing with nature. I love our joint trips to Kampinos, when Hyzio can get pretty good and I can think about many things :)


berty: The Chihauhau are said to be great warriors in miniature bodies. Is it the same with Hyzio?

Karolina:  I totally agree with that :) Hyzio is such a boss of bosses. He would love to rule anywhere - at home, in the neighborhood, and wherever he will not appear. The great thing is that in this little body there is a lot of energy and feelings, that he can lead a group of people while on the mat with me and willingly participate in the activities that I conduct.


berty: What character trait do you value most about Hyzio?

Karolina:  For Hyzio, but also for dogs in general, the most beautiful thing is their devotion and how they adapt to the owner. I am my friend who accompanies me in many moments of my life and is able to keep up with me. I am active and Hyzio also loves walking, swimming, traveling ... and thanks to that we can be in this together :)

Thank you!

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