Dogs need food, water and lots of love - but also the freedom to be themselves!

Pups must be free to move, smell and make their own choices. This does not mean that they should not know the rules and boundaries, or that they should not be positively trained. They need free time to fulfill their needs and enjoy activities that we pet parents will never understand (such as digging holes in the sand).

Observing the pooches during a situation when they feel comfortable allows you to better understand their personality traits and character, which in turn is extremely important for understanding the areas on which to work. Thanks to this relationship, you have a chance to get to know each other better and think about what you can do as pet parents to make the life of your pets even more enjoyable, full of fun and less stressful.


Let them Play - Let Dogs Be Dogs


Let them chill - let dogs be dogs

 Let them drink - let dogs by dogs



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