PET PARENTS by berty: Natalia Kopiszka & Boni

PET PARENTS by berty: Natalia Kopiszka & Boni

We invite you to the next interview in the series PET PARENTS by berty. Meet Natalia, an unique jewelery designer and her charming Boni.


Read the interview and get inspired!


  • berty: Hey Natalia! Tell us a few words about you and your pup.
  • Natalia: Hey, I'm Natalia, the founder and designer of the Kopi jewelry brand. Boni, my faithful companion, is a red toy poodle, she has a sweet caramel nose 😍, she turns 2 in a month. She’s incredibly clever and lovely plush ball. It’s impossible not to love her :).


  • berty: Have you always wanted a dog? How did it happen that you decided to choose Boni?
  • Natalia: I've always wanted to have a dog! In the past I didn’t have the right conditions for that. But then the moment has come and my decision matured. I started to think about the right breed for me. I was looking for hypoallergenic rather small breed, because many people close to me suffer for allergy. I started reading about the different breeds and their character and I fell on the poodle! Despite the fact that people stereotypically think of this breed as not very smart, haughty, and like a candy with pompoms, it is actually one of the smartest dogs that exist:). They are very friendly and devoted to the owner and they live long!


  • berty: Do you think that time spent with Boni influences your creativity at work?
  • Natalia: For sure! She is a great friend and my little furry antidepressant :). When she sees that I am working and I am focused on something, she immediately feels it and lies politely right next to me, watching over me;). Her company has a positive effect on me, I am always smiling with her :). Boni is quite a calm dog, but also very cheerful :).


  • berty: Many pet parents emphasize strengthening relationship with their dogs during a pandemic. It was probably because we spent more time at home. Did Boni's presence make it easier for you to survive the lockdown?
  • Natalia: No doubts! It was exactly like that :). I can't imagine sitting totally alone without Boni. However, the dog is very motivating! You have to get up, walk the dog, play with him, spend time and pay attention. I think that if I was alone for such a long time, it could end badly;).


  • berty: And the last question - where did the name come from?
  • Natalia: When I was a kid, I had my beloved dog named Boni, so my Boni is actually Boni II, although I usually call her Bońcia or Bonita;).


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