PET PARENTS by berty: Augustynka & Hugo

PET PARENTS by berty: Augustynka & Hugo

Berty it’s not only a brand. It is a modern concept created for dogs in a way that matches your lifestyle. Our mission is to elevate every single moment you spend with your dog. We want to build berty community, initiate interesting conversation and inspire each other!


We are introducing PET PARENTS by berty, a series that presents creative and inspiring minds having a unique connection with their dogs. PET PARENTS BY BERTY reveals the individual relationship between people and their furry friends by uncovering touching stories and featuring funny anecdotes from everyday life. In our very first interview we put a spotlight on Augustynka and her adorable dog, Hugo. Read the interview and get inspired!


  • berty: Hi Ania! Tell us something about you and your pup! What do you do for living and why do you love your dog the most?

  • Augustynka: Hey! I am Augustynka, illustrator and motion designer. I share my life between Warsaw and Bali with my wonderful four-legged companion, Hugo. He is a six-year-old English Bulldog, extremely lazy, but loves cuddling and sleeping though. I call him little alien with crooked teeth and rolled tongue. And that’s the reason I love him the most.


  • berty: What do you like the most about Hugo? Is there anything in his character that you would like to have yourself?
  • Augustynka: Oh, definitely! He is incredibly determined and I am so envy about that. Nothing is more important than his ball, he will do anything just to get what he wants. Once Hugo unexpectedly jumped into Vistula River and he would have probably drowned without our quick reaction. His persistence is relentless. I admire him so much.


  • berty: Did Hugo change you in some way once he appeared in your life?
  • Augustynka: Yes! Hugo came into my life along with my fiancé, so in fact I entered his life. It took a while until he accepted me and started treating as a mum. At first, he was super annoying and he used to leave “surprises” in the morning. But now, I can’t even imagine my life without my this little four-legged alien.


  • berty: Do you have any guilty pleasure? Something that normally you wouldn’t accept, but at the end you’re making an exception?
  • Augustynka: Of course. Hugo is not allowed to lay on the couch. However, there is one exception. After having a bath, we turn a blind eye and take him with us on that couch. We hug him all evening and watch Netflix together. I’ve got a feeling that Hugo understands that once a week he is allowed to join this ritual, because straight after a bath he comes to us and starts singing a serenade because it reminds him that it's his turn on the couch. Amazing!


  • berty: If you had to choose a second dog, would it be another English Bulldog?
  • Augustynka: I wish I had another English Bulldog, I absolutely love this breed. It is not the easiest breed though, sometimes these dogs tend to be stubborn and peculiar. But anyway, I am a great fan of English bulldogs and I would love to have another one someday. However, I like other breeds and mix-breed dogs as well. But I need to admit that it would be difficult to have another pup given my active lifestyle, so I put this decision on hold for now.


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