PET PARENTS by berty: Mateusz Spurtacz (1/2 @mytujemy) & Bruno

Hi! meet another inspiring pet parent – Mateusz, ½ the @mytujemy team that discovers for you the best tastes of Poznań and his four-legged friend Bruno! We hope you enjoy this episode Pet Parents;)


berty: You visit a lot of restaurants and this is an indispensable part of your life. Does Bruno always accompany you on your culinary trips?

Mateusz: It may sound strange, but Bruno rarely accompanies me to restaurants. If I move within the area of Poznań, where I live - definitely 99% decide to leave my dog at home. I always ask myself: Will the presence in the restaurant be a comfort for the dog? Does the dog really need a visit to a crowded premises? Is it more I want to take him with me because I like his company? Is that necessary? We spend a lot of time together, sometimes even up to 4 hours of walks + living together in the apartment. That is why, in most cases, I give Bruno some space to rest. While I am eating ... he is asleep. However, I never go out to a restaurant without first walking with him. The tired dog does not have time to stress about the absence of its guardian, it goes directly to his bed. In the case of trips to other cities - the dog accompanies me constantly, also in restaurants. Then I remember to offer Bruno teethers - so that the dog's time was as pleasant and stress-free as possible.


berty: Do restaurants in Poznań accept dogs inside? Tell us which places are the best places to go with a pup!

Mateusz: The times when the dog in the restaurant was an exception are gone forever. Now, almost everywhere, four-legged friends are welcome. It is enough to look through the feed of several restaurants in Poznań to see more than one photo of a dog in the premises or in the restaurant garden. From my perspective, the most dog-friendly places in Poznań are: Petit Paris on Sołacz, Żuk on Rusalka, Forni Rossi on Naramowicka, Papavero on 3go Maja 46 and Tarapaty on Jeżyce. There will always be a bowl of water, strokes and a lot of attention directed at the furry guest.


berty: How does the traveling abroad look like? Is Bruno your travel companion?

Matuesz: Bruno became my companion during the pandemic, when the possibility of traveling abroad was severely limited. There weren't many of these trips, but the dog stayed in Poznań each time. During my absence, I use the services of a behaviorist who works with Bruno. With the next trip abroad (in a few days), Bruno will spend time with a wonderful petsitter who is looking forward to his visit with her. I also do not close myself to dog hotels - but these will be a the last option. I want Bruno to be with as many as 1-2 dogs as possible and to have plenty of space for himself.


berty: Lagotto Romagnolo are still rare dogs in Poland. Tell me a little about the typical characteristics of this breed.

Mateusz:  Eternal kids with a lot of energy that must be skillfully used. The Lagotto is not a breed for people who lead a couch-like lifestyle. Lagottos are dogs that can show their character, but are extremely open to learning - they can learn many commands quickly and work perfectly during training. They are stubborn, often barking (for me Bruno's vocalization was a big problem at the beginning, now we have worked out a compromise convenient for both). Do not be fooled by the "plushy" appearance. Lagotto dogs are hunting dogs and need physical as well as mental stimulation. They love to work with the sense of smell, which requires from their caretakers quite a lot of creativity in finding engaging games. Walks, walks, walks, walks and more walks. Lagotto love to explore and are always ready to go outside.


berty: As a true gourmet, tell us at the end, what dish you would not be able to do without in your everyday life? Does your dog have his favorite treats too?

Mateusz:  In everyday life, I couldn't do without pizza, burgers and pasta - coals top! Judging by his working nose and Bruno's pleading gaze, when I eat any of these dishes ... he would probably have liked it too. The 3 favorite treats (apart from maintenance) are deer hooves, bananas and Himalayan cheese.

Thank you!

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