PET PARENTS by berty: Karolina Naji & Woody

PET PARENTS by berty: Karolina Naji & Woody

Meet Karolina Naji, a girl with a unique style and a true passion for fashion. She runs her own, dynamically developing fashion brand. If you're looking for inspiration, be sure to check out Karolina's Instagram profile😍. For almost a year, she is also a proud dog mum of a puppy named Woody. She found him thanks to Zlap Dom foundation and she fell in love!


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  • berty: Hi Karolina, tell us how did you come across Woody? Was it a spontaneous decision after you found out about his story or had you been preparing to have a dog for a long time?
  • Karolina: I’ve felt the desire to have a pup for a long time. There was always a dog in our family home, and I missed it in Warsaw. Together with my boyfriend, we were thinking about a breed that would work well with our lifestyle, and then suddenly ... on Instagram I saw a photo of a puppy looking for a home and it was love at first sight! I didn't want any other dog, I just wanted Woody. We got to know his story, we also knew more or less his character (from the temporary home he was in at the time) and we felt that he suited us perfectly!


  • berty: You are a very enterprising person, you run your own company and also work for other brands. How did you manage everything with raising a puppy at the same time?
  • Karolina: This is an interesting question because it was my job that really made me understand that I needed a dog. My studio is located in an apartment where I am often alone. Sometimes it's hard to distract me from work and only Woody manages to do it! I need these walks to get some fresh air and recharge my batteries. Otherwise, I would probably not walk away from my laptop.


  • berty: What do you like the most about Woody?
  • Karolina: I don’t like, I love! He is a wonderful pup, very smart, he learns quickly, he can make me laugh and he is the best anti-depressant. He is a great support and a true friend!


  • berty: Do you have any advice for people considering adopting a dog?
  • Karolina: It’s worth to investigate dog’s history, get to know him beforehand. I would suggest going for a walk together and check dog’s character to be able to adjust him to your lifestyle. But you need to remember that dog is also a huge responsibility, and you need to be aware that there may be a lot of work to do! But the satisfaction when your dog starts listening to you is amazing! If someone is not determined I would suggest becoming a temporary home for a dog for a while. This is a great way to check yourself in a new role and it will help a lot in making the good decision.


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    Uwielbiam cykl wywiadów z pet parent’sami! Na każdy odcinek czekam z wypiekami na twarzy, ponieważ każdy jest wyjątkowy! Wspaniała jest sama idea przybliżania ludziom pet patentów, z którymi de facto każdy z nas może się utożsamiać. Uwielbiam. Jak zawsze – nie mogę się doczekać następnego odcinka! 🤍

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